Little Minds ran the mental health awareness week that occured from May 7th-May 11th 2018 in the 4 Wilton Public Schools: Miller Driscoll, Cider Mill, Middlebrook, and Wilton High School. 


Miller Driscoll

Grades K-2

During this awareness week, Miller Driscoll 2nd graders watched a clip from Disney’s “Inside Out” to discuss emotions and understanding our feelings (mindfulness & self-awareness).


Miller Driscoll, along with the rest of the school district, observed national child mental health awareness day on Thursday, May 10th by wearing green to school to compete for extra recess (the class with the most kids wearing green).


A banner was hung in the school until next May that incorporates the 3 R's for assisting other's mental health (Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn) *See the photo to the left



Each student received a green wristband to promote education about mental health. 

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Cider Mill

Grades 3-5

The school was decorated with green streamers, a banner, and many more.


On Monday, all Cider Mill students watched a 2-minute video created for elementary school students on what mental health is and the stigma.


On Tuesday & Wednesday, Cider Mill students created their own “shoes” on walkinourshoes.org. *See photos to the left. They printed these out and hung them up on the door outside their classroom. This sent the message that we all have different shoes that walk on different paths, and on these paths, we face different obstacles. It is important that we support each other on these paths and respect each other's struggles. This ties back to the fact that some students struggle with mental challenges we can't see and we must be accepting.


On Thursday, Cider Mill Students dressed up in green to compete for no homework!


They signed the same stigma-free pledge as the kids in Miller-Driscoll with the 3 R’s at lunch on Friday (*see photo to the left) and it is hanging at the front of the school until next year. 


On Friday, students will watch the video they watched on Monday and reflect with their class after the whole awareness week.


Every student also received a green wristband.

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Stigma Free Banner
Cider Mill Decorations
Mrs. Peterson's Class with Shoes
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Decorations at Cider Mill
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
School Decorated for the Week!
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Cannondale Classroom Shoe Project
Stigma Free Pledge
7 Green Teachers on Green Day
Day 1 Celebrity Honored - ADHD
Day 2 Celebrity Honored- Depression
Day 3 Celebrity Honored - Anxiety
Day 4 Celebrity Honored - Bipolar
Day 5 Celebrity Honored - BPD

Middlebrook School

Grades 6-8

Each day a celebrity was recognized for their accomplishments in the face of mental health struggles. Each team in each color had a board where a picture of the celebrity was hung up each day after they were introduced during morning announcements. A description of the person was read and students had to guess who it was on a google form. We finished the week having a gallery of photos of people who were very successful with mental illness. Students placed sticky notes with comments about their accomplishments around the celebrity each day as well. 


 During lunch of that week, students will sign the stigma-free pledge from NAMI.org. This pledge consists of 3 steps to ending the stigma which is educating yourself and others, seeing the person (not the condition), and taking action.


After signing the pledge, students will receive a sticker that they can put on their computer, phone, backpack… that shows others they are someone who is committed to ending the stigma AND that if someone is struggling, he or she can talk to that person.

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Wilton High School

Grades 9-12

Hundreds of student-created art pieces were hanging in the main WHS lobby from May 1st to May 14th. This art show aimed to educate students through the use of graphic design, photography, infographics, and more.  Art pieces are created by over 12 art classes such as the graphic design class, advertising, photography, drawing, painting, and more. 


Students also took a school-wide survey on mental health to try to target where the misunderstandings occur and how we can better educate WHS. The following week, we created a broadcast with the "Morning Warrior" (the school news show) where we addressed misconceptions versus what is really true about mental health. 


The guidance department participated in the "QR Code Project." The QR code tells you what the guidance counselors do and more information so people can know where to go for help if they need it. 

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